Omega Rejuvenol Review- Purest Omega-3 Fatty Acids, EPA and DHA by Dr. Sears

Strengthen, rebuild and protect

Our ancestors are known to have enjoyed a level of potency and strength we can only envy. Going by research studies, the ancestors’ agility, strength and speed can be attributed to their access to essential fat-soluble vitamins and other crucial nutrients that have disappeared over time.

Unlike the common fish formulas many people are used to, we now have Dr. Sears Omega Rejuvenol that is completely different and made out of an inspiration. While many of the available products fail to fulfill the expectations they promise, Omega Rejuvenol has been tested, tried and proven to help restore stamina, strength and mental acuity that nature intended. This is ensured by recreating the primal conditions of our ancestors.

The common fallacy out there is that fats make one to look fat or thick! However that is not the whole truth since the body needs good fats too. The problem however is that many people are taking foods with saturated fats as compared to omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega Rejuvenol comprises of the right mix of powerful fat-soluble vitamins A, D3, E and K2 together with the purest forms of the crucial omega-3 fatty acids, EPA and DHA. DHA is actually considered as the most potent in this case.

If you are looking for the right formula that is unique and provides you with all the major nutrients accessed by our ancestors in a single gel, then look no further, get Omega Rejuvenol!

Importance of DHA

As mentioned earlier, DHA as a molecule of omega 3 has the highest potency. This molecule is naturally found in the brain, heart and eyes- the most vital organs in humans. Incorporating this molecule in Omega Rejuvenol thus helps in growth and development as well as providing ultra protection to these organs.

Benefits of omega Rejuvenol

Omega Rejuvenol is said to offer a number of benefits regarding the various functions it plays in the body;

Higher energy levels– omega Rejuvenol is said to work on the membrane viscosity. The viscosity however must be maintained and controlled to certain levels so that the cells don’t get ruptured. Omega Rejuvenol is said to posses the ingredients necessary to maintain this balance. Beside, when the membrane becomes viscous, it becomes easy for it to absorb the necessary nutrients from the blood. This higher level of absorption guarantees higher energy in the cells through mitochondrial function as well as faster metabolism.

Improved fertility– Omega 3 fatty acids play a crucial role in boosting the reproduction and regeneration of the body. This therefore improves fertilization and support of other reproductive functions including maintenance of hormonal balance. On the other hand, Omega Rejuvenol supports fetal development ensuring minimized cases of miscarriage and other pregnancy-related issues to hold the baby in the womb.

Weight management– besides helping with weight loss cases, Omega Rejuvenol also helps in weight management. The product works by converting harmful fatty acid cholesterol into Omega 3 fatty acids.

Cognitive function– by aiding weight management, omega Rejuvenol ensures that neurotransmissions get better as excess fat is burnt. This way, the nervous system becomes more effective increasing mental alertness and ensuring coordination between mind and body gets more efficient. This is crucial in ensuring the brain gets relief from stress, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, insomnia and fatigue. Research studies on the other hand have indicated that the higher levels in DHA and EPA have positive effects on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases associated with CNS. More research is still going on to determine whether Omega 3 fatty acids can as well help in getting rid of risks of stroke.

Vision– Omega Rejuvenol is also known to provide retinal support by strengthening the base and core of the eyes.DHA and EPA molecules present help in improving vision.

Skin health- collagen and elastin are the core molecules that are important for a healthy and young-looking skin. These molecules help in protecting the skin from acne and roscae plus by tightening and firming the skin preventing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. These two essential molecules are produced when Omega 3 fatty acids are sufficient in the body. With Omega Rejuvenol, you can therefore be guaranteed of a young and healthy skin.

Circulation- Omega 3 works to ensure blood insulin is sensitive. This way, it is better able to absorb glucose and its tendency to improve circulation increased. This in turn helps to prevent cases of diabetes mellitus, angina pectoris and peripheral artery disease. On the other hand, Omega Rejuvenol works as an anti-inflammatory agent to help in the fat burning process. This cleaning of the blood channels ensures efficient control of weight gain and further helping with the heart rate and blood pressure.

History does not matter

This is said to be the ultimate benefit of Omega Rejuvenol. Unlike other Omega 3 products in the market, with Omega Rejuvenol, you do not need to worry about your past medical or geographical conditions because these won’t hinder the effectiveness of the product in giving the desired results. The genetic base of people too will not get disturbed while using Omega Rejuvenol with zero or minimal chances of mutation occurrence.

Recommended dosage

One unit of dosage every day is recommended for optimum results. You also need to remain punctual and regular to ensure the desired results are not altered. However, you do not need to worry if you missed the dose for a day as you can get back and continue with the dosage the next day at the same time. There is also no need to take extra or double doses. Finally, it is important to know that this product has no side effects on your health.

Bottom line

Omega Rejuvenol promises a variety of key elements and aspects of a better healthy and longer life including; leaner body, glowing skin, better circulation and neurotransmissions, and a healthy outlook. More research is still taking place to find out how Omega 3 will help to boost the quality of life.

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