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About Us

Hiya, thanks for visiting! We’re Christa and Ed – a dynamic duo who are always trying new things, and now with our baby daughter our little family is ever growing. We made this blog with our friends so we can share our feedback on different products we try. 

If your looking for honest reviews then you’ve come to the right place. We don’t hold anything back and provide you with the raw truth for every review. 

We all live in Colorado and are lucky to have our friends and family close by. Family and friends are very important to us so when we have some free time it is usually spent with them. Ed is a mechanical engineer who loves to make things. I work as a wedding planner, although that has taken a break since we had our first child. 

This site was my idea (Christa) and Ed helped put it together for us. If you find that it helped you then please share it with others. 

Thank You,

Christa & Ed